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About Us

Our story starts on a cold winter night in the snowy mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho.  Sam, our Golden Lab was playing in front of our home when he was hit by a car. The driver felt awful but he couldn't see Sam in the darkness.



With his will to live and the skill of our vet, Karsten Fostvedt, Sam survived and is the inspiration for this product.


We said "never again!" There had to be a way to protect our best friend in the twilight hours and the dark of night. We searched all the pet supplies stores and found nothing, nothing at all.


So we decided to design our own collar for Sam; one with an easily seen series of lights. We called the collar PetLights and we even trademarked the name.


Well, when Sam walked out one evening wearing his new PetLight collar, all of our neighbors asked for one. We couldn't refuse. But then, of course, all of their friends wanted one too. Before we realized it, we had gone into business, and we were on our way to lighting up all the dogs around us.


PetLights is a great business.  Not only are we hoping to protect your pet, but we are donating a portion of your sale, of every sale, to animal shelters and veterinarians for the care and treatment of abused animals.  Remember, the ultimate safety of your pet depends on your supervision at all times.